I must pay for CC to try it. Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

If you have any concerns about whether CC will meet your needs and if you are using Android, please try the free demo version of CC available on Google Play and Amazon Appstore. It is fully functional except that it is limited to 20 books on the device.

If you purchased CC and discover that it doesn't meet your needs then usually we will give you a refund. However, we can only refund purchases made on Google Play, and we generally don't make refunds more than a month after purchase. Amazon and Apple do not allow us to issue refunds.

To ask for a refund, please contact us using our contact form at the bottom of our web page, providing:

  • Which CC product you purchased (we can only refund on Google Play) (required)
  • The date you purchased it (required)
  • The email address of the account used to make the purchase (required)
  • The reason you want a refund. Please give us some details. Simply saying "I don't like it" isn't very helpful (required)
  • The transaction ID (very helpful but not required)

We will process the refund or get back to you if there is a problem. Please give us a few days.

Charles Haley
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